Pricing & Commission

Get the best value proposition to your products


How much do you get paid?

With Femica social commerce,you can sell your products at the lowest commission and get high sales with good retuns on time.

Settlement Amount

Deposited to your bank account on 15th day of order delivery

Sales Price

Price you decide to share with Femica

Commission Fee

Percentage of product price, depends on category


18% GST on Commission fee


1% on total taxable value

Payment cycle

Settlement Amount is deposited securely into your bank account on 15th day of order delivery, including your Cash on Delivery orders.For e.g. if your product is delivered on 1st Jan 2021, settlement amount for that product will be deposited in your bank account on 16th Jan 2021.

Here are all the categories that you can sell

Products We Sell
Categories What it includes
Beauty cosmetics and skin care beauty and grooming products, herbal and natural, skin care products, make up items
Household services home cleaning, utility products
Health and wellness Herbal and natural items, organic items edible and non-edible
Baby & kids product diapers, creams, lotions and other baby grooming products
Women Hygiene Menstrual cups, sanitary pads, other similar products.