How It Works

Learn How to Start Selling on Femica


Register your account

To become a supplier on Femica, all you need is:


-Bank Account

Click here to create your account.Once you complete your registration, We will ask for the products from you and all will be uploaded on the Femica website. You can get updates about your products, inventory, process orders and check your payment status.

Adding your Product

After completing your registration, We will upload your product listing on our Femica platform.

What is a catalog

A catalog is a combination of more than 1 design of a product. For example, If you have sarees with different colors or designs, you can create a catalog using at least 2 different colors or designs.It is recommended that you create a catalog with 3-4 products to increase the chances of getting an order.

How to upload?

Uploading your catalogs on Femica is very easy. You can send your files at and we will upload your products on our portal.

Getting Orders

When your Products become live on Femica, you get a visibility with the help of our brand ambassadors and your products start selling via social platforms too. There are a number of things you can do to attract customers and generate momentum for your business.

List more products

The more products you upload, the better your chances will be of getting initial orders.

Set a Right Price

Make sure to consider the costs associated and the margin that you want to keep, while setting up the perfect price for your products. It is recommended that the pricing that you set for your products should be competitive so that buyers find it more appealing than other brands.

Right Trend

Customers always prefer fresh and unique trends. So, try to list trending products to get successful.

Opt for Next Day Dispatch

Next-Day Dispatch (NDD) program requires suppliers to dispatch orders on the next day of receiving orders. Since faster dispatch improves user experience, we provide extra visibility to all catalogs that qualify for the NDD program.

Delivery and Payment

When you receive orders for one of your products, Femica notifies you by email.

Product Delivery

Please note that Femica takes care of the delivery of the product to the customer at zero cost to you. We have tied up with multiple Logistics Partners who pick the products from your location and deliver it straight to the customer.

After receiving an order, please go to your registered email and do the following steps:
- Accept your order
- Download label and manifest
- Pack the product and paste the label on the packaging the Femica Supplier Panel.
- Hand over the product to our logistics partners.

Payment for Orders

Payment for your sales is deposited securely into your bank account on the 15th day from order delivery, including your Cash on Delivery orders.

For e.g. if your product is successfully delivered on 1st January 2021, money for that product will be deposited in your bank account on 16th January 2021.

You can view your deposited balance along with future payments and other things by emailing us. Click here to learn more about Pricing and Commission on Femica

Our Business Models

We have solutions for all size of businesses and you can choose according to your brand requirement from the following. For further enquiry write us at

Drop-Ship Model

The brand will focus on product delivery part. Rest brand building, ambassador activation,promotions & sales part will be taken care by Femica.

The revenues will be shared with brands after deducting the commission part. If the order is for more than 499 INR then the shipping charges will be borne by Femica.

Drop-Ship on Consignment

This model works on asset minimization. Femica will take care of warehousing, order management and order dispatch.

Femica maintains a tech driven solution for your brand and maintain zero inventory solutions.

Sales & Supply Partnership

Here Femica will maintain warehouse stock transfers for third party ecommerce partners. Brands need not to worry about he storage and dispatch.

We will take care of all orders and their ontime dispatch.

Brand & Business JV

In this model We provide Pan-India launch, branding, marketing, warehousing, dispatch and sales for the brands.

Femica will assist in assembling and formulization and the costs will be billed on actuals.

Fullfilled by Femica

For Selected brands, Femica will hold the inventory and take care of all the orders generated, their dispatch and create more sales.